Challenge the average

The Challenge

After the end of the second world war a sports apparel company named Toper was first established in 1945. The first spinning mill opened its doors and began producing nylon shirts, which were soon introduced to the market under the name “Golden crown”.

Due to the high demand for products the spinning mill was soon joined by a sewing room, their selection of products started to gain recognition for its excellent quality, which has attracted cooperation from major sports brands of that period, such as Bogner, Uhlsport and Elho Brunner.

Due to a fair and reliable approach to the operations of the company it grew significantly by the year 1980. At that time the company employed 6,500 ambitious and competent people from Austria and the former Yugoslavia. Such a large increase in business horizons and capabilities was the result of management’s attitude towards the perception of sports and athletes as one.

Despite this Toper’s path of success soon suffered from political consequences of Slovenian independence, which resulted in the loss of former Yugoslavian markets. Unprepared for the radical change the company was forced into closure.

Our challenge

Toper wanted to launch an international variation of the brand communicating with a completely different audience through different channels, offering them a tailored line of products.

Our main challenge was to build an identity that would still fit with their story and at the same time be able to communicate with their target audience.

Toper hero


Clear. Exclusive. Outstanding.

Through our visual exploration we’ve developed many concepts that communicate their core traits differently. Our goal was to create a clear, exclusive and outstanding clothing visual identity that people will be able to feel when they wear it.

Through the process we’ve finalized the design into the product below.

Toper hero2


Dynamic presentation

We’ve created an additional dynamic logo reveal animation, that expands the static visuals and enables the company to use it inside their promotional videos.


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