Spikla Spokla

Unique Children Clothing

The Challenge

Spikla Spokla is one of the biggest brands in Slovenia for custom made children’s clothes. They design and fully create clothes for children of all ages and sizes. With a great community they have been able to build in the past years our biggest challenge of the project was to automate as much of the person to person operations as possible and digitize their sales from physical person to person business model into the automated e-commerce business.

Spikla hero

The Solution

Colorful. Advanced. Powerful.

Our design and development was based fully on wider sales strategy. Our goal was to create a system, through which a person will be able to find a desired product and make a purchase as fast as possible.

With advanced filtering systems, Ajax search options, clean micro-interaction, and thoughtful purchasing incentives we have created a powerful e-commerce website with a great user experience. Backend was fully customized for ease of clients use.

Tax reported invoicing was automated through an external service integration, through which the client is able to fully control their tax reported invoices.

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