Custom workspace protection solutions

The Challenge

The current pandemic forced a lot of companies to close their doors for a short period of time. Leaders were put in front of a decision – adapt to new circumstances or become obsolete.

In collaboration with one of our long term partners, we discovered a new market demand and answered with a completely new business service, that will help them bridge these difficult times.

The main challenges we needed to overcome:

  • Find a new market opportunity
  • Develop products and services as an answer to the opportunity
  • Develop a marketing automation system
  • Develop visual and digital supporting systems
  • Create content & communications
  • Do it as fast as you possibly can

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Our solution

Agile crisis response

The company lived as a two-part organism, and one of the parts was unable to live in the new circumstances of social distancing and lockdown. We naturally searched for a market opportunity to which we can answer with the active part of the organization.

  • We anticipated a long and gradual era of normalization
  • We developed products that will help companies normalize their work
  • We prepared everything upfront to minimize order to delivery time
  • We automated more than 40 % of all business processes


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