Onehundred Boardz

Joining the best of production and custom worlds

The Challenge

In the world of custom windsurfing board production, there is an almost unlimited number of variables that can be adapted within every board.

Onehundred Boardz team created world-class products and they need help to develop cool-looking digital user experience, that will present their products to the world.

Our main goal was to create a feeling-first digital experience and enhance it with a powerful ordering system that will help their team save time communicating many of the different aspects of the customised board.

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A clear product presentation

To present the variability of the products, we positioned the boards side by side. By selecting each type of the board, you land on the board-specific website, where you can learn everything about it.

Ordering form

Powerful ordering form

Based on the countless variables and conditions, we developed a powerful ordering system that enables people the complete control of the ordering process. Based on their decisions the costs are automatically calculated and always available during the process.

After a person completes the form, the Onehundred Boardz team receives a production-ready table of specifications for a review, as well as the customer.

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