Modri zob

Dentistry with tenderness

The Challenge

Modri Zob is one of the leading dental institutions in Slovenia. By using modern technology, excellent patient care, and unbeatable quality of their services, they wanted to standardize their business processes, create dedicated work documentation for their employees, and at the same time provide them with all the knowledge & resources they need to be able to grow as dentists.

Our main challenge in the project was to help them create a solution that will be wide enough in its use, to be able to serve for all purposes at the same time.

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The Solution

Flexible. Protected. Connected.

Our solution was to develop a knowledge base like system, that will be able to support different user profiles with different levels of access and comprehensive usage analytics for administrators.

We integrated the system with their current storage systems to provide other video materials, e-books, and other resources to all of the employees.

Analytics dashboard

Protection and usage analytics.

Based on clients wishes we developed a live usage reporting system that is availabe to administrator users. They are able to folow actions of all other users in the system and optimize processes based on the data.

Modrizob Macbook backend

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