Leader in flow

Unlock the next level of human performance

The Challenge

Each of us would like to do what we love, in the best possible way and for a good paycheck. In practice, when managing companies, teams, organizations and projects, we face challenges that prevent us from leading ourselves and others in a top-performance level.

Leader in flow is a transformational program for team leaders that enables you to unlock the next level of your performance based on the interdisciplinary science of flow.

We are proud to be the part of Leader in flow story. Initially, we were presented with website designs and the core challenge was bringing them to life. We developed the whole website from scratch, as well as the on-site lead generation quiz that integrates with an Email marketing system.

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Custom solution

Interactive Quiz

To create a complete on-site experience for website visitors we developed a short quiz lead generation system, that segments you into a specific category based on your answers, and offers you a deep dive into your leadership profile in exchange for your personal information.

We integrated data flow with a selected Email marketing system, where the deep-dive personalized information is delivered to each participant.

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