Helicopter Food

Eat activelly. It's easier with Helicopter Food.

The Challenge

Helicopter food is a company that creates pocket-sized pouches of lyophilized fruit. They came to us with a design concept and a wish for a subscription e-commerce platform to offer their new products through.

Main challenges

  • Align the provided design with system architecture and all the technologies needed to develop the final product

HelicopterFood Full Frame


Playful. Outstanding. Creative.

Our solution was an e-commerce store with an alternative possibility to purchase products through a subscription. We’ve developed the platform on WordPress and developed the design with minimal adaptations.

Things to notice:

  • almost every page on the website has its custom header, footer & background styles
  • single product pages are not WooCommerce standard and are interconnected with their subscription twins

Through the process we’ve finalized the design into the product below.

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