Golf Klub Velenje

A local golf community

The Challenge

Golf Klub Velenje is a local community of golf enthusiasts with their own infrastructure for training and competitions. They wanted us to renew & modernise their website – visually as well as technically.

Our main challenges:

  • Develop a visual identity of the project
  • Create graphic elements that will be used in the development process
  • Develop a website
  • Make backend as easy to use & maintain for the client

Clear. Modern. Easy to use.

First we’ve designed a clear content architecture, that would be easy to understand and navigate in.

We’ve create the website with 2 core goals in mind:

  • that a new website visitor would efficiently understand everything they gain from being a member of the club,
  • that an existing member of the club would get all the necessary information about the events, prices, and reservations of the training court

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