Blast Tehnik

From building the most demanding sandblasting machines to providing sandblasting services of the highest quality.

The Challenge

Blast Tehnik is one of the leading companies in the field of surface treatment in Southeastern Europe, based in Slovenia. Because of their success & recent growth, they are evolving with rapid speed.

Based on their constantly evolving nature they wanted a flexible solution that will be able to expand and contract based on their wishes. Because they are present in different global markets each solution needed to be completely independent, to be able to adapt to the market.

Our goal was to develop:

  • an international website powerhouse that will help them scale to international markets
  • a modernised & unique website design that will help them differentiate as a brand
  • a better user experience for their visitors
  • more sales-oriented landing pages for core keywords, that will rank them higher and convert more website visitors

Blasttehnik Full Frame


The Solution

Powerful. Modern. Different.

Based on the results & information that we were able to gather in our initial Discovery workshop, we’ve created a digital marketing strategy that will help them digitally transform some of their sales activities, helped them grew even faster and offer them technological flexibility to adapt to different market conditions easily.

To increase their positioning on each individual market we’ve created a multilingual architecture that will enable them to present a completely independent versions of the website on each top-level-domain and offer them flexibly they wanted.

Our core differentiator was their dark elegant color scheme, which was a completely unique look in their industry. This gave them a modern professional feel and help them present their unique selling proposition.

MacBook Pro 03Blasttehnik
Things to note

An advanced filtering system

We’ve developed a dual filtering system for their case studies, so their visitors can easily come to a relevant project for their specific industry & technology used.

Their case studies were presented in a visually appealing and modern way, with a complete freedom to visually adapt & edit content on each individual project.


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