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The Challenge

Bastl was established in 1966 as a craft workshop. During the generational transition, it evolved into an international company with more than 50+ employees, successfully developing new ideas, production processes, and fulfilling customer wishes.

Many years of experience, knowledge, modern measurement methods and systems reflect high-quality products that are integrated into various end products in the field of mechanical engineering, automotive, construction and wind industries, forestry, and agricultural machinery.

Because of their international success, Bastl leaders wanted to start visually and digitally communicating at the same level of excellence, as they communicate with their products and services.

Based on our analysis of their brand identity, complementary graphic elements, and web presence, we suggested a complete visual and digital transformation.

Our goal was to create a modern visual & digital identity that will:

  • enhance their current partner relationships
  • make the process of seeking new partners more effective
Bastl Project3
Brand Identity Development

Evolution. Quality. Trust.

The final concept of visual identity derives from their long tradition of transformation, adaptation, and evolution. A developed sign and typography fully represent their core values – evolution, quality, and trust, positioning them as a modern, visionary organisation.

The primary color was selected as an abstraction of water – a fluid, adaptive element in our environment, that is necessary for our survival and is at the core of evolution.


Web development

Clear. Modern. Powerful.

One of the biggest development goals was presenting the company, their products and services in a clear, modern & visually pleasing way.

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