Connecting people and real estate

The Challenge

Arteon real estate agency evolved from a successful side business. The goal of the project is to slowly grow into a bigger, modern, and well-known real estate agency.

Based on our analysis of the real estate market in Slovenia, we found an opportunity in smaller, boutique real estate agency segment with a smaller but pre-selected catalog.

We positioned Arteon as a boutique, elegant and modern real estate agency with advanced technological and visual tools that help them connect people with real estate.

Arteon Cover

Brand Identity

Modern. Reliable. Boutique.

Our goal was to position Arteon on the Slovenian real estate market as different, modern, and exclusive. By taking advantage of their smaller size we realized that in comparison to big real estate platforms their biggest advantage is their pre-selected offer, which could be highly adapted to their target audience.

With that in mind, we developed the brand identity, all of the supporting graphic elements and communication materials.

Web development

Easily scalable.

When establishing the web development plan, we wanted to build something that could look great having just a couple of selected real estate projects, as well as a larger number.

Website presentation white bg

Marketing strategy

Ready for growth.

By developing strategic communication campaigns with specific audiences we wanted to start the wheel of growth – closing current projects by presenting them to the largest number of potential customers, as well as getting new attractive projects in the catalog.


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