Swiss Medical Device Engineering

The Challenge

ArrowFast is a medical device engineering company, that helps medical device startups get to their next milestone. They have been working with MedTech industry leaders on most advanced scientific projects around the globe for 20 years. Their in-house team of 220 engineers helps startups from planning to developing their device and making sure it’s certified for the targeted market.

They are a part of Cosylab – the world’s leading provider of control systems for the planet’s most complex machines; nuclear accelerators, optical and radio telescopes, fusion reactors, cancer therapy systems, and much more.

Our goal was to create a modern visual & digital identity that will:

  • present their brand in a modern, futuristic and corporate way
  • make the process of seeking potential clients all around the world more effective
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The Solution

Sharp. Futuristic. Swiss.

With these main traits in mind we have created a well balanced product that empowers their business by helping them capture their visitors into other sales process systems. With micro interactions, clean design and carefully selected imagery we’ve presented the company as a future oriented corporation with high-quality services that is able to serve demanding clients all around the globe.

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