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The Challenge

Arkadia is a shopping center at the edge of the capital city of Slovenia – Ljubljana and it’s already a very important stopping point for many commuters. It represents an important key advantage in comparison to the large and busy shopping center areas – the shopping experience is fast and comfortable. An amazing selection of partnering stores offers everything you need in one place.

The managers of Arkadia presented us with the challenge of developing a complete marketing strategy and building the identity of Arkadia from the ground up.

Banner Arkadia

Identity development

Fast. Convenient. Unexpected. Local.

We wanted capture the core features of the shopping center and form a solid foundation for expansion and future growth of the brand.

The structure of the brand identity was developed from the first letter A, which represents being first and the best. It also represents the first letter of Arkadia’s name. To enrich the letter A with unique features of the center, we implemented the architectural shape of Arkadia into the logo.

Selected colors capture the traits that make the brand unique. They are simple, lively, clean, and modern. They complement and balance each other to create harmony in every design. They provide enough combinations of contrasts to be effectively used in advertising design and applications.


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