A store for the ultimate comfort

The Challenge

The company has faced challenges with brand equity. People have not yet established the connection with the brand on the level, owners wanted to.

These pain-points were exacerbated by an outdated design, lack of responsive capability, and localization, as well as general technical issues.

The purpose of the digital experience was two-fold: to bring the emotion of the brand forward while emphasizing the benefits of their products. Beyond a standard eCommerce platform, we helped to build an all in one destination for the brand.

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The Solution

Clean. User friendly. Future-proof.

We opted for a clean, intuitive and inspirational design to highlight the products. The team managed to create an online store that is easy to navigate, future-proof and that reflects the identity of the brand.

Once the design was finished, it was time for development. We implemented all custom functionalities and installed some additional cool features.

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Additional integrations

Optimization and tracking

SEO and tracking are important aspects when it comes to managing a successful store. To make sure each page is properly indexed by the search engines and all data we gather is accurate, we optimized developed pages for search engines and configured various tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager.

To be able to analyze relevant data for the business, we tracked product clicks and impressions, add to cart events, purchases, site searches, and more. After testing and double-checking everything, we were ready for the go-live.


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