Andreja Cavnik

Executive Coaching & Business Results Training

The Challenge

Andreja Cavnik is an international Executive Coach & Business Results Trainer working with more than 327+ client in 32+ countries all over the world. She helps professionals, executives and businesses transform their approach, raise their standards and achieve stronger and more consistent results in leadership, sales and overall performance.

As her business is growing and her work get more and more globalized, the need for digital expansion of her business became imminent. Our goal was to create a digital system that can serve their B2B segment as well as her B2C segment, and would also represent an additional passive revenue stream for her business.

The Solution

Learning hub for her clients

In addition to creating the whole look and feel of the website we have also developed a separated B2B& B2C landing pages with custom packages, as well as structured the information of her business. Additionally we have developed a self hosted Learning management system, through which she will be able to create custom online courses and directly sell them to website visitors.

We integrated data flow with a selected Email marketing system, where she is able to continue to automate her sales process.

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